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Stone Explained

An easy to understand guide to stone choice, options, colours & price.

Categorized for clear understanding of the different surface types, durability, maintenance and cost for the right choice.

  • Natural Stone
    • Granite
    • Marble
    • Quartzite – not to be confused with engineered stone/quartz
  • Engineered Stone
    • Quartz such as Caesarstone, Silestone etc
  • Man Made Solid Surfaces
    • Porcelains, Sintered & Ultra compact
    • Corian – acrylic surfaces
    • Engineered stone veneer – Granite Transformations

    The Right Stone for your Budget and Look

    Our insiders cut through all the marketing hype

    We have all seen the designer looks in the glossy magazines or the subtle marketing through placement of product in many popular house or building reality programs. We cut through the hype and marketing to give you the best options on choice, price and colours.

    Latest Features

    Expert advice and in-depth features for a healthy life

    The 3 fundamental considerations for any stone benchtop choice. Budget, colour, durability let’s explore the options.

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    What’s on Trend? What suits your style, budget and lifestyle?

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    Get the look without the price tag! Our stone industry insiders look at the option and some you may not have considered.

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    What can you Live with?

    The look, brand or type of stone benchtop may not live up to the hype.

    The “look or trend” can sometimes be more effort to live with than it seems in the gloss photos and gorgeous display. Discover how to have the “look” without the effort of fitting into your lifestyle and family environment.

    Easy of cleaning, maintenance is a big factor when choosing an on trend surface. Find out the insider information.

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